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Franchise Biz Consulting is all about my personal philosophy as to why I do what I do.

I spent four years in the military from 1968 to 1972 as an electronics NCO. I learned at an early age that one must survive in this world. However, when I was discharged I knew that working for someone and helping them fulfill their dreams by stifling mine, was not the road I wanted to travel. However, I worked as a lighting consultant, got married and started a family. I had taken the easy road and worked for someone else.

But as time progressed I found myself in a very interesting catch -22 experience. My boss put more demands on me regarding, time, energy and production.

While my wife and children put equal pleas on me to do the same. It was like I was in a tug of war and I was the rope! In this familiar scenario, typically, the boss wins because he awards the money that ultimately keeps the family running. However, the family and I suffered due to lack of an enriching life style.

I did something about it.

Knowing that Franchising is the Fastest and Surest Way to Financial Success on My Terms, I researched franchises for over three year. I looked at every possible franchise opportunity. I read books, periodicals, and corporate reports, business practices of franchising, both large and small. I went to lectures and took night courses, all in an attempt to pick out the best franchise for me and my family.  Well, I did. I picked a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. I chose the location, utilizing my home work as I had learned it over the years. And then EURICA! I hit success.

I was the number one franchise in the country. However, there was something missing. I was still missing something. I had success but I was working 24-7 and my family still suffered because I was never home. My income had certainly improved, however, my life style was not true happiness. Now, I have nothing to say bad about that franchise. The people, support and product were beyond reproach. It just was not for me. I sold the business and retired at age 35 only to go into the Arabian horse business in Kentucky. Of course, that is another story.

I became a Franchise Consultant because I see a tremendous need to guide people who are looking to have their own business and help them by matching their needs, wants, desires, skill set and financial capabilities to find the “Prefect Match”.