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Speaking Testimonials

Speaking Testimonials


I have known David Goodman of Franchise Business Consultants for some time and have found him to be one of the most energetic and informative speakers I have  heard. The topic “How To Remedy The Fear Of Living Past One’s retirement Money” was informative, to the point and well done. The information was entertaining and presented in a professional manner. He seemed to really understand what was concerning people who wanted to retire.
He also mentioned other situations that may be advantageous to franchising. He mentioned a legacy for grandparents which was quite appropriate and meaningful. Or what to do with proceeds from insurance distributions or injury awards, etc.
I walked away from the session with a much better understanding of how to control one’s destiny.
Samuel B.  California

I highly recommend David Goodman as a speaker or part of a panel of experts if any organization is looking to hire or educate their group on Business Opportunities in general & Franchising in particular.

I recently heard David speak and he was both clear, informative & entertaining with real Eye opening opportunities for business people with a great way to supplement a retirement income.

He was both professional & enthusiastic, with a demonstrated depth of knowledge as he presented important new concepts about investing. From the A to Z’s of Franchising to accessing capital to start a business, he shows how the right coach can help you avoid all the pitfalls.

Zeta S., California

I have had the pleasure of hearing David Goodman’s talk on franchising and as a CPA and businessman was very impressed with his knowledge and speaking abilities. Over many years in finance, accounting, and the academic world I never learned as much about franchises as I did from Mr. Goodman. I have clients that own McDonald’s franchises but did not know many things I learned from the information provided by Mr. Goodman.

It was interesting to hear about how franchises can be financed and the talk was quite entertaining. I plan to have David share some of the opportunities with some of my network groups.

Professor Ron O, CPA, Mac.,  California